Indexed Universal life

In addition to providing a death benefit, an Indexed Universal Life policy could be used as a way for you to help plan for retirement. Although no product is perfect, an IUL does offer to some degree the following advantages: Safety, Growth, Increased Cash Flow, Liquidity, and Tax-Efficiency. Of course, it all depends on a variety of factors, including health, age, time-horizon, and finances. Click IUL to find out more information.


Why are IULs Increasingly Popular?

Indexed Universal Life insurance (IUL) can be viewed as the best of both worlds as a permanent life insurance product. IULs are a fixed product offered by an insurance company that provides a death benefit, living benefits through cash value build-up and a way to grow cash faster than more traditional universal life (UL) products… More


The Properly Designed IUL and the Benefits it Provides

According to data provided by LIMRA, IULs continue to grow in their popularity as a permanent life insurance plan of choice. IUL sales in 2015 reached record levels. For the year, $1.86 billion in new premium dollars went toward the purchase of IULs. This amount represented an increase of 4.38% over the previous record of.. More


IUL:Life Insurance Riders to Design the Perfect Cash Flow Vehicle

Life insurance is a tremendous asset to own, especially life insurance with cash value. Cash value life insurance provides you with a ‘living benefit’ that can be used anytime prior to death to meet a wide range of needs. When available, cash value can be used to assist with the downpayment on a home, paying.. More


The Financial Dilemma of Pro Athletes: How IULs Could Protect a Lifetime of Earnings

A Sports Illustrated study found that within two years after retirement,  78% of National Football League (NFL) players have either gone bankrupt or are under some type of financial distress. For players in the National Basketball Association (NBA) players 60% face financial hardship within five years of their retirement. Some of their stories are heartbreaking.. More

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Guaranteed Indexed Universal Life (GIUL) to the Rescue

Guaranteed indexed universal life (GUIL) insurance policies come in many different shapes and sizes. Knowing the differences can make all the difference in the world. Like anything in life it is important to revisit those plans that you had made in an earlier time. If you are like most people, the best example of why.. More

Indexed Universal Life

Debunking Indexed Universal Life Myths

“This is not your father’s Buick”. No where could the advertising campaign more accurately describe some of the changes going on in the life insurance industry, especially when it comes to Indexed Universal Life.  The life insurance industry is constantly marketing new products to the consumer every year in an attempt to mirror some of.. More

Saving for Retirement with Indexed Universal Life

Saving for Retirement When You’re Young using IUL

If you ask anyone who is approaching their sixties and furiously trying to build retirement savings from scratch, chances are they will agree with the sentiment, “I wish I had started saving for retirement earlier.” The importance of starting early is seen in this numerical example. Suppose that you put away $10,000 per year for.. More

Banking on Yourself

Here’s a quick question for you—if you were going to get a loan, which factor would be most important to you? Term Interest Rate Payment Amount, or None of the Above Like most people, you probably either chose Interest Rate or Payment Amount.  Hmm,…but is that really the most important thing to focus on when.. More

Indexed Universal Life

Single Premium Indexed Universal Life vs CD’s and Money Market Rates

In today’s financial environment it is hard for your savings to keep up with cost of inflation. Let’s clarify Single Premium Indexed Universal Life policy benefits. In real terms your money is losing its value everyday it is sitting in a Certificate of Deposit (CD) or Money Market account.  The obvious impact of inflation on your.. More