David Albahary

Hi, my name is David Albahary and I’m an independent life insurance agent based in Rhinebeck, NY.

A few years ago, living “upstate” would have been a disadvantage for my business because of the driving distance between me and my clients. But technology has done wonders for the insurance industry, and now I’m able to spend less time traveling and more time researching the best carriers with the most affordable rates in the online marketplace.

As an independent life insurance agent I am able to offer you the best rates from top-rated companies.

Now, for many of us, life insurance is not something you necessarily think about when you’re young. As you get older, though, you begin to realize the importance of protecting your family, your business and your personal wealth. A good life insurance policy can do all of those things, especially when you are working with an experienced agent.

As a virtual life insurance agent, I am one of only a handful of representatives who belong to a special community of agents and underwriters across the country. With access to industry experts who engage in regular discussions about the most up-to-date underwriting issues and best practices in the business, I can provide you with the tools you need to handle your life insurance needs quickly and easily. It’s that simple.

Call me today for a side-by-side comparison quote at 914-244-0333.


David Albahary is the founder of Ivy Ridge Asset Management, LLC, an independent investment advisory firm whose sole mission is to help individuals build and preserve their wealth. Founded in 2004, he works closely with his clients to provide personalized attention in areas such as financial planning, estate planning, college planning and retirement planning. David uses life insurance and other insurance products to help protect his clients from personal loss, assist with next generation wealth transfer, provide lifetime income, and diversify away from both market volatility and taxes.

David is a Registered Investment Advisor in both NY and CT, a Certified Financial Planner TM and member of the Financial Planning Association since 2005. He is President of the Rhinebeck Rotary Club and Treasurer of the Rhinebeck Science Foundation, an organization that helps fund schools in a world increasingly reliant on science, technology, engineering and math. David is an active board member of Ferncliff Forest, a game refuge and forest preserve with over 200 acres in the Hudson Valley.

When not working, he enjoys coaching soccer, playing squash and basketball, and spending time with his family.

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